Introduction to NLP

Explore the principles of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and learn how to apply them effectively in your personal and professional life.

NLP is a revolutionary approach to human communication and personal development. NLP has become increasingly popular because it provides a range of tools and approaches that can be esily applied in everyday life to create dramatic change.

This course introduces core ideas from NLP and shows you how to apply them in your everyday life, to build confidence, achieve your goals and strengthen both personal and professional relationships.

NLP Practitioner Diploma

This course explores NLP in depth and leads to an NLP Practitioner Diploma. It is ideal for students who wish to apply NLP principles in their professional life, for example, in business, education, coaching or therapy.

Develop an expert understanding of NLP principles.

  • Accredited online training with one-to-one tutor support.
  • Learn how to use NLP principles and apply them to a range of professional situations.
  • Learn how to apply advanced NLP skills and techniques.
  • Develop key client skills.

How It Works

We email your study materials one module at a time. All materials are supplied in a pdf format so you can save them to your computer and work through them at your own pace. You can also print sections off if you wish. You do not need to be connected to the Internet to work through your study materials. Each module includes exercises to complete and a tutor-marked assignment.

You are assigned a personal tutor who you can contact at any time if you have any questions or there is anything you would like to discuss in more depth. You work through each module

Accredited online training!